Manifesting Mastermind

Come and join our community of women as we manifest our hopes, dreams, intentions and goals into reality by using the Law of Attraction principles.


Manifesting Mastermind

Manifesting Mastermind is a community of women who come together to discuss and practice the principles of the Law of Attraction. By being intentional about the thoughts and emotions we put out to the universe, we can attract our deepest desires into our life.

What are the things you really want and wish for in your life? Is it a new career, success, money or abundance? Do you wish for more love or a new relationship? Are you dreaming about a sea-change or travel?

Join our community of women as we focus our thoughts on these desires with feelings of pure joy, happiness, excitement, optimism, self-love and gratitude. This positive energy is sent out to the universe to be reflected back to us in the form of realisation of our dreams and goals.
Come and learn the laws, rituals, visualizations, mantras and exercises that will help to shape and create your new, desired reality with a tribe of like-minded women.

Sherri Mulconry