Just Be You

Are You Fighting Who You Were Born To BE?
Empower Your Own Abilities To Receive, Transcend and Deliver Your Innate Gifts.


Just Be You

What if you truly being you, is the gift, the change, and the possibilities, this world requires...

Welcome to the "Just Be You!" Tribe

I have such gratitude for the individuals who are willing to choose more, be more, and have more of themselves in every moment....😃

It is one courageous journey!

How much fun could it be if we all do this together!

Let's celebrate our wins, successes and ask questions here to really empower each other to be the brilliance and the difference we truly be in the world.

So lets begin with this question...What if our Wrongness really is our Strongness?
What have you been made so wrong for that is actually a strength or a capacity you now may be hiding?

What if we really can celebrate our differences and acknowledge the contribution we each all are to the world?

I'm so excited to be on this journey with you... Who will we all be?
Hi I'm Leah, and I am an Entrepreneur, a wife and mum of 3, we live in Newcastle. I am a city & country girl who has travelled and had a lengthy career before kids.
To be honest, I never though anyone but my close friends would listen to me, and now I share daily why I want to help see other women and partners succeed.
Not just in their work, or by joining my network, but in their personal lives.
I come from a Holistic Soul Quenching Space!
And that's exactly why people do need to hear from me, as I'm your everyday woman, seeking confidence, acceptance, more self love, and now making a great living from home, around my family, with a much healthier and more fulfilling life.
I love meeting new people all the time. You see, we all have a story, and capabilities far more limitless than we believe. As women, we can connect on deeper levels of understanding and empathy.
To ourselves and the groups we belong with.
Are you an Alpha or Beta Female, or are you are a mix of both? Just trying to find your place in this world?
I want women to breakthrough the perceived constraints, and work towards fostering your life's mission, which hasn't always been easy, and there are definite reasons why.

Leah Craig