Entrepreneurs Mastermind

Lets support each other to Start or Grow our Businesses.


Entrepreneurs Mastermind

"Are you ready to break through and let go of all the negative thoughts, messages and habits that have been holding you back from creating the life and business you truly desire? Are you ready to move forward and take your business to the next level?
It’s time to get laser focused on strategies and goals for your business to play a bigger game. It’s time to upgrade your mindset, productivity, accountability and success.
At the Entrepreneurs Mastermind we encourage, motivate and inspire each other to take action. We offer support, guidance and a fresh perspective. Most importantly, we hold each other accountable in implementing the action steps that lead to accomplishing our goals.
During our meetings, we present our projects or dilemmas for discussion and feedback. We brainstorm solutions using each other’s expertise, knowledge and skills. Together, we plan our actions to accelerate and grow our business.
If you’re ready to connect and commit to fortnightly online meetings with like-minded women from around the world, join up today.

Sherri Mulconry