Crystals 4 Life

A Fun Tribe Where We Will Discuss, Learn, Share the Magickal, Mundane and Healing Uses of Gemstones/Minerals (Crystals) in Our Lives, Homes or Work.


Crystals 4 Life

Join Crystals 4 Life and connect with a tribe of awesome women who are interested in learning and sharing knowledge about the wonderful world of Gemstones and minerals aka. Crystals.

Crystals are not just pretty rocks that bring joy to your life, nor are they purely Sacred Stones connecting you with Mother Earth. Crystals have an amazing range of benefits relating to the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, of you and your family, not to mention your pets. Gemstones/Minerals also have untold uses around the home and office as well as the Spiritual, Magickal and Metaphysical applications.

In Crystals 4 Life we will discuss topics relating to specific stones, e.g., where they are found, their various uses, mythology and more, as well as general subjects on Gemstones and minerals, such as Identifying fakes, manmade stones, fossicking and collecting. An information sheet will be provided after each gathering.

I look forward to welcoming you into our sisterhood of the stones and sharing this journey of love and knowledge of these beautiful, vibrant, sparkly, rainbow filled earthly treasures.

Sam Golder