Activate Your Female Power Book Club

Join me to read and reflect on the transformational book Activate Your Female Power by Sharon Moloney, PhD!


Activate Your Female Power Book Club

I discovered Sharon Moloney last year 2020 and when I saw her work I knew that it was definitely something that was placed in my path for a reason. I met her in January on the Gold Coast and was brought to tears when she described her Soul's Purpose and I knew I was meant to be a part of it! It is a truly sacred and divine mission; to experience, embody and carry with honour the spiritual-biological power of the female body; balancing the feminine and masculine energies within in order to positively impact the collective consciousness of the planet! I know many of you on this platform were drawn here by the name Sacred Feminine and it is your passion also. So if you haven't read this book, please join me. Let's journey together!
In this Book Club you will;
🦋 be part of a sisterhood who meet fortnightly for 1/2-1hr while reading the book
🦋 be given reflections to complete for each chapter to share in the meeting
🦋 be part of a safe space to share your reflections, and experiences if you wish
🦋 enjoy using affirmations based on the book content
🦋 use the free audio recording from the author to support your transformation
🦋 have access to further information, more in depth courses and workshops if you wish to further your learning
🦋 have on-going support on the Tribe Forum as you actualise your learning and re-visit the book if you wish

Our first round of the Book Club begins mid-end of March! You can jump in at any stage as long as you have firstly read the Introduction chapter.

Here is some information about the book;
International author and speaker, Sharon Moloney, PhD, has spent a lifetime exploring these issues. As a women’s health practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, she’s supported hundreds of women to understand their fertility, love their bodies and transform menstruation into something they value. In this book, she shares her discoveries about the power, beauty and unique spirituality of the female body.
Discover 7 ways to unlock your female power! Learn about:
🌔 the female body as an ecosystem, not a machine, and how aligning with its natural laws can make you happy, healthy and fertile
🌔 how to dismantle subconscious limiting beliefs about being female so you’re free to enjoy it!
🌔 Nature’s blueprint for healthy fertility
🌔 how to access the spiritual power in the female body to inspire confidence, self-appreciation and inner security
🌔 the secret to transforming menstrual shame into pride and self-respect
🌔 how to eliminate unnecessary spending on fertility treatments
🌔 the keys to activate the female code for optimal health

Join the Tribe and order a book through me $30 + $7 postage or download a Kindle version for digital.

I am so excited about connecting and learning together from this book!
It is a merging of knowledge and wisdom of the sacred vessel we have been given in this life!
Much love,

Samantha Laughing Buffalo