Writing Memoirs

Writing your memoirs or the life story of another is a privilege and passion.
Join with others who love to write stories of life.


Writing Memoirs

Our stories tell who we are, the adventures we have had, lessons learnt and truths known.
Our lives are comprised of loves, heartaches, adventure and even the mundane.
All of these and more make up for stories we can immortalise.

There are many reasons why you would wish to record your life or the life of another. Everyone has a story to tell and a lesson that can be shown to others to help another through their own lives. We are all here to teach one another, to learn from each other and writing your memoirs is a way to do this. The themes and threads we have running through our lives are similar to everyone.

But everyone has a unique take to it. Whether you are writing your own story or that of another, knowing your why and your purpose will help guide your passion.
Memoirs can include the lives of your ancestors, your family and yourself, by recording them you can keep those stories alive for generations to come.

Please join with us to discuss your memoir why, your passion regarding the stories you want to tell with memoir specific topics, goals, inspiration and guidance.

Connie Wood