Tribe Volunteers

Join the wonderful Tribe Volunteers who help Sacred Feminine Tribes "Touch The Lives Of Women Everywhere".


Tribe Volunteers

Our wonderful volunteers have many different skills they are generously gifting to the world of Sacred Feminine Community and its members.

We are like the elves in the forest sharing our fairydust, nurturing the forest with our spirits, tending to the gardens and supporting within the group where we can.

Some examples of what our volunteers do are:
⭐️we have a fabulous goddess that creates and distributes our newsletters,
⭐️social media in various forms,
⭐️mentoring and managing,
⭐️connecting and chatting,
⭐️local event planning,
⭐️even skills you would be prepared to share or educate within our group.
The possibilities are endless.

It is an honour to be part of such a life changing community and feel the benefits of connecting with others in a respectful way every day. The members of the volunteers tribe are all beautiful souls of which we are hugely grateful.

If you would like to be a volunteer within our community we would love to hear from you.
Help us Touch the Lives of Women Everywhere 😊
Thank you 🙏

Jacqui Bishop