Tantra for Self Love

A Tribe Exploring the Practice of Tantra for Self-Love and the Recognition of the Divine Union Within


Tantra for Self Love

Are you ready to explore the practice of Tantra and learn how it can benefit the single most important intimate relationship you have - the one you have with yourself? Are you ready to explore new depths of your life force energy, discover the Goddess within, and unite the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to find wholeness in Self?

Join us to discuss Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and Neo-Tantra philosophy and how to practically apply the ancient teachings to today's modern life. Whether you're just curious or are a seasoned tantrika, our intention is to create a safe space for sharing perspectives and experiential learning. We offer guidance, support and accountability to each other to meet personal goals such as committing to a daily tantric practice to cultivate self-love, revolutionise our relationships, and harness our kundalini creative life force energy for greater vitality, creativity, passion, bliss, and manifestation.

During our meetings we discuss one esoteric concept, a verse from a tantric text, and/or a sensual embodiment practice. There is a standing invitation to share what celebrations or challenges you are experiencing in your self-love journey or your intimate life if you are open to receiving wisdom from other members' lived experiences and practices.

If you are ready to commit to joining our tribe of like-hearted women fortnightly on Tuesdays 7:30-9pm AEDT, we welcome you wholeheartedly to come weave your wisdom into our collective tantric tapestry!

Nadia Nauss