Inner Child

Re-Connecting to Your Inner Child through Healing, Play and Creativity


Inner Child

Have you been hearing the call to re-connect to your Inner Child? Maybe there's a need for more rest and play in your life? Or perhaps you're becoming aware of childhood trauma that needs to be healed and addictions or coping mechanisms that need to be released. For some it's feeling stuck in a dead-end job, needy or lonely or lost under the burdens of adulting... for others it's feeling cut off from your creative genius and a sense of awe, wonder and excitement...

You are not alone. Join our tribe of like-hearted women who share a deep knowing that if we are to sustain taking care of others we must prioritize taking care of ourselves in a healthy and loving way. We acknowledge that many of us were never modelled the unconditional love of secure attachment or conscious parenting, so now we must learn how to re-parent ourselves even as adults the way we would've wanted to be raised.

We explore how to cultivate Emotional Intelligence through fully feeling our feelings and learning the language of the Inner Child to understand how to best meet our own needs. We discuss how childhood trauma affects our nervous system and how we can bring to completion any repressed emotions we still carry from our past safely. We recognize that like any child, your Inner Child is inherently worthy of unconditional love simply just for being and to be seen and heard without judgment, criticism or any need to fix anything.

If you are ready to commit to healing your relationship with your Inner Child and thereby revolutionize your relationships with family, friends, partners and colleagues, then we welcome you wholeheartedly to join us fortnightly on Mondays at 6:30-8pm AEST.

Nadia Nauss