Healing with Herbs, Plants & Nutrition.

Are You Curious to Know How Herbs, Plants and Nutrients Can Support the Body to Heal and Find Optimal Well-Being?


Healing with Herbs, Plants & Nutrition.

It could be said that Mother Nature is the most Sacred Feminine influence there is on our planet!
She has provided us with a plethora of amazing wildlife for our Survival, Health and Well-being.
The inspiration for this Tribe, is to grow our knowledge of how to use the tools Mother Nature has provided.

We'd love you to come along and share your questions, knowledge & experiences using Herbs, Plants & Nutrition to enhance your own Well-being.

Do you enjoy growing your own Herbs? Or would you like to begin a Herb garden?
Would you like to learn how to make your own infusions, extracts, balms, healing oils & more?
Are you interested in knowing how much of a particular Herb or Nutritional to take, to help a specific ailment?

Would you like to share your passion or knowledge of a Herb, Plant, Nutrient or any other wonderful tool given us by Mother Nature, with other Sacred Women?
Then this is the Tribe for you!

Nat Connors