Astrology for Women

Chat with Like-Minded Women Who Have a Common Interest in Living Consciously Through Their Birth Chart & Take Some Time Out for a Little Self-Love!


Astrology for Women

Astrology is an ancient practice that goes back thousands of years. There are many ways to incorporate the use of astrology into our everyday life. One way is to be aware of the planetary cycles and how they move through our birth chart. This awareness can provide us with the tools to take charge of our lives by utilising the energy in such a way that we are in flow with the cosmos.

One of the most rewarding practices for women is to use the lunar cycles for creation and releasing. We can use Moon rituals for self-love and nurturing, something that we often forget to do, as we are busy putting other people first.

The planets may also impact us during their retrograde cycle and when they change signs as they journey through the zodiac. By exploring their movement through our own charts, we see the areas of our life that are highlighted and can work with the energy.

Kim Tennant